About Peptides

HydroPeptide® is an industry leader and award-winning anti-aging skin care collection that specializes in the latest breakthroughs in peptides, stem cells and growth factors.

HydroPeptide is also paraben free, phthalate free, cruelty free and Vegan.

AC Collagen* – Helps smooth the appearance of lip lines and wrinkles by improving Collagen I.  Found in: Lip

Aldenine* – Counteracts effects of aging by enhancing Collagen III and protects against the effects of glycation, AGE’s, free radicals and ROS.  Found in:  Face, Eye and Moistuize 

Argireline – Softens the look of expression lines around the eyes.  Found in:  Cleansing Gel, Cleanse, Tone and Eye  

ß-White – Helps fade the appearance of age spots and discoloration.  Found in:  Even Out

Dermaxyl* – Counteracts signs of aging by boosting cell communication and improving elasticity.  Found in:  Face, Eye and Moisturize

Eyeliss – Combats under-eye puffiness by improving elasticity, strengthening blood vessels and enhancing drainage.  Found in:  Eye

Haloxyl – Helps diminish the appearance of dark under-eye circles while firming and toning.  Found in:  Eye

Matrixyl 3000* – Enhances smoothness, complexion and tone while helping to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles.  Found in:  Face and Eye 

Myoxinol – Softens the look of expression lines around the eyes and contains free radical neutralizing antioxidants.  Found in:  Mask and Serum

Peptamide-6* – Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and wounds while enriching firmness and elasticity.  Found in:  Anti-Stress Mask (Professional Only) 

Perfection Peptide P3 – Improves skin renewal and hydration.  Found in:  Apple Peel 1 (Professional Only)  

Proharin – Helps prevent pigment loss in hair and improves fullness of lashes.  Found in:  Lash

Regestril* – Helps fade the appearance and discoloration of stretch marks.  Found in:  Moisturize

SNAP-8 – Softens the look of expression lines.  Found in: Peel, Mask, Serum and Power Lift

Sympeptide 226 – Helps enrich keratin genes for fuller looking hair.  Found in:  Lash

Sympeptide 235 – Helps improve the look and fullness of lashes and brows.  Found in:  Lash

Syn-Ake - Tightens facial contours and is effective in minimizing forehead wrinkles.  Found in: Peel, Mask, Serum and Power Lift

Syn-Coll* – Lifts and smoothes wrinkles by enriching the growth factor that increases Collagen I.  Found in:  Serum, Face, Eye and Moisturize

Syn-Tacks* – Advances skin communication, organization and cohesion.  Found in:  Soufflé Mask (Professional Only) Serum and HydroStem+6

Thermostressine – Fights cell stress and keeps skin stable against hot and cold shocks.  Found in:  Anti-Stress Mask (Professional Only)

Trylagen* – Battles the appearance of wrinkles by improving elasticity and smoothness, preventing collagen loss and reinforcing the collagen network.  Found in:  Apple Peel 1 and Anti-Stress Mask (Professional Only), Cleansing Gel, Cleanse, Tone, Peel, Mask and Power Lift.   *Targets the skin matrix and activates collagen based on in vitro testing for key ingredients.