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Got hair?

Professional Body Sugar Epilation is a safe, gentle and effective solution to hair extraction for women, men and children. 

The most important advantage is very fundamental: the Alexandria technique and sugar paste extracts the hair in its natural direction of growth and does so when the hair is still in the early growth stage. This eliminates breakage, unnecessary discomfort, irritation and ingrown hairs while exfoliating dry skin cells.


lip or chin $12                                      

full legs $100+

lower leg $65+

underarms $20

back or chest $100+

full face $45


nostrils $10

brows $15

Things you can do to ensure a comfortable waxing/sugaring experience:

Your hair should be about 1/4" (1/8" for sugaring) for the best results. Every person and body part is different but you should wax every 3-6 weeks. As you continue waxing/sugaring regularly, your hair will grow in finer and there will be less of it which naturally makes it less painful. You should lightly exfoliate the area a few days before your service, especially if you are susceptible to ingrown hairs. This can be done with an exfoliating glove or scrub. For women, waxing/sugaring is most painful a few days before and after your period. Although it is okay to still get waxed/sugared, your body is hypersensitive so you may find it more painful. There are products contraindicated for waxing/sugaring: Accutane, Retine-A, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, Tazorac Avage, Differin, Strivectin, Renova, Proactive, Avita, benzyl peroxide & salicylic acid. These are just a few that we know of so if you have any question check with your doctor.